Roots and Branches

This area of the site is for the Creagh-Osborne family tree. It is created and maintained by Roger C-O. Sources are a mishmash of documents from my Uncle Richard and searching around on the internet. Aside from my immediate parents, grandparents, siblings and children nothing is authoritative.

The primary family names at my grandparents level are Creagh-Osborne, Muir, Roberts, and Taylor. The first Creagh-Osborne was my great grandfather who was born Charles Creagh but added his mother's surname Osborne as a condition to inherit his maiden aunt's estate.

For Creagh there are connections back to 1720 and possible traces back to Andrew Creagh born 1550 and then tenuously back to the genesis of the Creagh branch from the O'Neils around AD500 when three brothers Pierce, Patrick and James commanded a party that defeated the Danish (Viking) raiders at Linmerick. The O'Neils of course connect back to the high kings of old Ireland - but doesn't everyone.

For Osborne we connect back to Richard Osborne born 1580 who was sent from England to Ireland as a lawyer or magistrate in Elizabethan times and created a Baronet in 1629. Creaghs and Osbornes merged in my Great Grandfather.

For Muir we go back to a Francis Muir born in 1797, and for Roberts to a John Roberts born in 1865. My grandmother (Muir) married a cousin (Roberts) so these two branches are a bit intertwined.

Of Mabel Frances (Jane) Taylor my father's mother's ancestors I know nothing beyond that she apparently had a sister (name unknown) living in South Africa in the 1950's.

The biographical detail for the tree is held in a separate application which you will find at or on the Family Tree entry in the top menu. Some more detailed background on particular individuals or events appears as pages on this site.