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Beauty and Tragedy

Where the Crawdads Sing


by rogerco on 27 Nov 2020

Review of "A Delicate Truth"

A Delicate Truth


by Roger on 09 Nov 2017

Review of "A Good Man in Africa"

A Good Man in Africa


by Roger on 13 Oct 2017

Review of "A Guide for the Perplexed"

A Guide for the Perplexed


by Roger on 03 Nov 2016

Review of "A History of the World in Twelve Maps"

A History of the World in Twelve Maps


by Roger on 15 Oct 2014

Review of "A Long Strange Trip"

A Long Strange Trip


by Roger on 01 Nov 2002

Review of "A Most Wanted Man"

A Most Wanted Man


by Roger on 05 Jan 2010

Review of "A Pattern Language"

A Pattern Language


by Roger on 21 Aug 2016

Review of "A Place of Strangers"

A Place of Strangers


by Roger on 27 Sep 2014

Review of "A Pleasure and a Calling"

A Pleasure and a Calling


by Roger on 17 Mar 2016

Review of "A Swarming of Bees"

A Swarming of Bees


by Roger on 22 Jan 2015

Review of "Accordian Crimes"

Accordian Crimes


by Roger on 01 Jan 2001

Review of "Adrian Mole - The Cappachino Years"

Adrian Mole - The Cappachino Years


by Roger on 01 Dec 1999

Review of "Against the Day"

Against the Day


by Roger on 03 Dec 2009

Review of "Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death"

Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death


by Roger on 23 Aug 2016

Review of "Americanah"



by Roger on 02 Oct 2016

Review of "Amsterdam"



by Roger on 01 Jan 1999

Review of "Angelmaker"



by Roger on 09 Jun 2012

Review of "Angels of Albion"

Angels of Albion


by Roger on 25 Oct 2018

Review of "Any Human Heart"

Any Human Heart


by Roger on 05 Jan 2014

Review of "Armadillo"



by Roger on 19 Jan 2014

Review of "Artemis Fowl"

Artemis Fowl


by Roger on 23 Jun 2014

Review of "Barkskins"



by Roger on 19 Jun 2018

Review of "Baudolino"



by Roger on 01 Oct 2003

Review of "Birdsong"



by Roger on 01 Dec 1998